About a week into my first “real” job, I knew it.  I knew that there was more to experience, more to engage in.  I knew that 30 minute lunches, leave request slips, and “other duties as assigned” projects weren’t for me. See below for actual footage of me progressing through my work day:

(what do you mean this doesn't look like me?)

So what did I do about it, you ask?  You want the truth? YOU CAN’T HAN– sorry.. sometimes I get a little carried away. I did absolutely nothing.  For almost two years.  After college graduation in May of 2013, until December of 2014, I clocked in and out of the same place. This may not seem like a long time to someone who has worked for 10, 20 or 30+ years, and that’s understandable.  To me, it was an eternity.  A little background may give some perspective: After four years in high school, I left for college.  Thanks to Red Bull (#wings!)  and the miracle of youth, I was able to plow through and finish in three years.  (College wasn’t my cup of tea..)  I was 20 when I received my B.S. in Agriculture Business, ready to take on the world, or at least move out of those disgusting dorms. Fortunately, I graduated with $0 in student debt (after a hodgepodge of scholarships and untold hours of essay typing) and got an OK job. Gross income was just scraping $40k/year, which means the actual take home pay was closer to $25k/year.  I was working out a vague plan to 'save up for a few years', and try to pursue a career as a staff songwriter. Since I’d not stayed anywhere for more than 4 years (high school), it was hard to stomach the “hire to retire” mantra that previous generations grew up with. I had hit the two-year mark in my first career gig, and had just about enough.  One of my less adorning qualities is that of impulsiveness.  Thankfully, it didn’t win out, and I didn’t quit working altogether.  I did, however, transfer to a new company and a new city. In 2015, I landed in Nashville, TN, where I’m currently based.  This move has helped to settle my wanderlust and get me focused on a realistic plan to exit the workforce. With a full-time job, I know that my 'tomorrow' isn't free.  It's predetermined by my employer.  Booked solid.  Maximum capacity. Predictable.  You get my point. I want to have the freedom to live a life I'm excited for and passionate about.  I think we all want that. Since 2015, I've purchased two rental properties, totaling six units.  I hope to continue to build my portfolio and strengthen my financial foundation even further. As I start this blog, I’m 24.  I don’t want this to seem like the typical “how to make a ton of money and quit working forever” site, because it isn’t. Freeing Tomorrow is the avenue through which I’ll track my journey in defining what financial freedom means to me, and how it looks in my life. I will be candid, flawed, and full of mistakes.  I hope to help you reach an understanding of your personal and financial goals, as I clarify mine. My name is Mark Douglas, and I’m super excited to explore this journey with you.  Join me in the quest for freeing tomorrow 🙂 Not sure where to start?  Check out the blog!  I'm sure you'll be pleased..or at least mildly entertained. See you around!

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